About us

Doctor Classic is a family business specializing in the comprehensive renovation of historical Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles. At Doctor Classic, we have more than 30 projects in various stages of reconstruction at the same time. Every year, we provide our Clients with several cars restored to the 100-point standard. Our mission is reconstruction of cars to exactly the same condition as when they left the factory.

Doctor Classic

Welcome at Doctor Classic!

We consistently deliver 100-point cars with Classic Data certification. We treat our Clients individually and make their dreams come true, because your dreams are also our dreams.

Doctor Classic

Doctor Classic complex

Our registered seat is located in Lubiszyn near Gorzów Wielkopolski. The complex with an area of over 4,000m2, consisting of many technical buildings, offices and warehouses, allows you to perform all stages of production in one place. Our quality control and production methods have been developed and refined in cooperation with technical universities in Poland.


The functioning of our body is ensured by a well-coordinated management team. The project supervision, logistics, HR, development, sales, every-day contact with Clients are just some of the many tasks we perform to ensure that Doctor Classic smoothly delivers the joy of historic classics. Everything for you and with our family sense of value.

Dariusz Nawrocki

Jacek Oraczewski

Lionel Higgo

Richard Wilson

Jacek Grzelak

dr Sina Ghezel


Our fully qualified team of craftsmen and technicians (over 40 people) are among the best in the industry. Our commitment is what makes us stand out. Love for the classics and vast knowledge are the pillars of our Team.