Highest precision, quality and collector's class A1. The whole process requires a huge amount of work, an efficient team and excellent logistics. We achieve this through implemented, optimized renovation procedures. Explore the restoration stages in Doctor Classic.

Stage 1

Car Reception

The first step in the renovation process is to deliver the car to our company - we have professional transport, we can organize everything for you, even from the farthest corners of the world. As experienced specialists in classic vehicles, we know exactly how to care for your car when you hand it in for restoration. You are always welcome to our workshop at every stage of renovation.

Stage 2


To make sure we don't miss a single detail, we carefully disassemble the entire car and make a detailed inventory of each part so that we have a complete set of information for the next stages of the restoration. Each project ends with extensive and detailed documentation of all replaced parts with pictures and product codes.

Stage 3

Sandblasting/Laser cleaning

Sandblasting is a stage at which we remove rust and other residues on the bodywork and some of the components. We do it with great precision and care not to damage any element.

Stage 4

Metal works

Any metal elements that are damaged and beyond repair are removed. All our employees are true craftsmen with a passion for classic cars, so you can be sure that each element will be perfectly matched. All parts we install are of high quality and come straight from the companies such as Porsche, Mercedes, or Ferrari, so you don't have to worry about using low-quality substitutes.

Stage 5

Corrosion protection

After the bodywork, it's time for professional anti-corrosion protection. We have developed a multi-stage, complex and reliable system.

Stage 6

Renewal of galvanic coatings

We give the chrome elements of your car a new perfect flawless galvanic coating.

Stage 7

Preparation for painting

We use high-quality car primers that have been specially developed by Doctor Classic and Lechler for use in classic cars.

Stage 8

Paint job

Each element is perfectly refined. Thanks to the highest quality products, Lechler obtains rich color and deep gloss. We take care of all, even the smallest details.

Stage 9

Upholstery renovation

The entire process is carried out by hand, so we can ensure that every piece of upholstery fits your car perfectly.

Stage 10


Each component is dismantled and thoroughly renovated - then it is assembled with great precision, thanks to which your car not only looks spectacular, but also works like a brand new one.

Stage 11

Final assembly

It's time to assemble the whole car. The final assembly stage requires the highest precision. We pay attention to the smallest details and finer points.

Stage 12

Test drives

Your satisfaction is our priority. After final assembly, we test each vehicle according to a specially created checklist. Our team handles our Clients' cars with great care.

See test drive videos

Stage 13

Classic data certification

Compliance with the highest standards is another key element for us. We do everything to ensure that the entire process meets the highest A1 Class, confirmed by the Classic Data certificate.

Stage 14

The pick-up

Once we've made sure everything is in order, your car is ready for pick-up. Get ready for a stylish ride in a fully restored vehicle!

Renowacja zabytkowych samochodów

Miłość do klasyki w z pasją do detali.

Naszą misją jest odtworzenie samochodów w dokładnie takim samym stanie, w jakim zostały po opuszczeniu fabryki.

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