FOR SALE! Mercedes-Benz 250SL W113 1967r LHD PROJECT CAR –
Only 5 196 produced!
The 250 SL also marked the introduction of a 2+2 body style, the so-called “California Coupé”, which had only the removable hardtop and no soft-top: a small fold-down rear bench seat replaced the soft-top well between passenger compartment and trunk. It is estimated that only 10% of the 250 SL that were brought into America were California Coupes.
The 250 SL was introduced at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show.[15] Production had already commenced in December 1966 and ended in January 1968. The short one-year production run makes the 250 SL the rarest of the W 113 series cars. The 250 SL retained the stiffer suspension and sportier feel of the early SLs, but provided improved agility with a new engine and rear disc brakes.
Serios interested please contact.
We can deliver the car to any place in the world after total restoration in A1 class.

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