Ferrari cars restoration

Ferrari is one of the most prestigious car brands in the world – from the day of the company’s inception more than seven decades ago to today, it has shipped less than 250,000 cars. This makes Ferrari one of the rarest car brands in the world, and many of its classic cars are still very valuable today and the mainstay in many events around the world. One of its 1964 250 GTO model holds the record for the most expensive car ever sold at 70,000,000 dollars.

If you have a Ferrari classic that requires some repair and maintenance, you need to make sure you use the best service to retain the Ferrari’s value, maintain its authenticity, and ensure it looks excellent. DoctorClassic’s Ferrari restoration service fits that exact description. 

What Kind of Repair Job Do Classic Cars Require?

The restoration and renovation of a classic Ferrari is nothing like repairing your run-of-the-mill car – when deciding on which service to use to get the best Ferrari renovation experience, you need to consider the following requirements: 

  • Ferrari restorations that don’t diminish the value of the car:  there are some repair and maintenance jobs that, even though it will make your Ferrari look better and restore its full functionality, might paradoxically diminish the value of your car.  The cars are valued so highly because of the workmanship, Ferrari’s unique touch, and the historical value it acquires over time like fine wine. With a normal repair job, where your only aim is to beautify and renovate the car, the full value of the car will not be taken into account.  As an example, you can probably completely renovate the statue of liberty and make it 10 times bigger and more attractive, but, by doing that, you’re stripping away all the parts that give it its historical and cultural value. This isn’t entirely unlike what gives classic cars their value – by stripping away its engine, using a completely new and different paint,  and putting no value on the original parts all might mean you might get a “prettier” car, but it, also, will not be a classic Ferrari anymore. 
  • Years of expertise with the car manufacturer’s classic models: The Ferraris today are quite different from the models manufactured in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Regulations have changed, engine designs have been updated, safety requirements have resulted in even the basic building blocks of the car to be updated and changed. You can’t expect a repair shop, even with years of experience, to be familiar with classic models and the special care they require. That’s why you shouldn’t trust your Ferrari with just any regular auto repair shop. Before the restoration, you need to ensure the car is in the hands of a company that knows how to deal well with classic cars, and in particular, Ferraris.
Restored classic Ferrari Car - from the front
Restored classic Ferrari Car - from the side

Can You Trust DoctorClassic with Your Ferrari?

Your Ferrari is likely to be one of your most prized possessions, and you naturally want the best restoration service. You’re in luck then, because DoctorClassic provides the best restoration for classic Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes cars: 

  • A Trustworthy company with clients from all over Europe: With many clients from all over Europe (including Germany, Britain, and Poland) trusting DoctorClassic to do a perfect restoration job for them. You can be sure you’re not just handing off your Ferrari to an inexperienced and nameless team. 
  • High-Quality service with a proven track record: With DoctorClassic, you’ll be getting a team that has worked on more than one hundred restoration projects – you can even easily check how the team takes care of your restoration project from disassembling the Ferrari, sandblasting it, checking the engine, etc. by checking out the company’s portfolio. Also, they’ve published detailed step-by-step photos of some of the restoration projects they’ve worked on. If you’re still not very well assured, you can also email them directly, and they’ll be happy to answer your questions.