Mercedes cars renovation

Restored classic Mercedes - in the inside

Mercedes-Benz, with its brand “the best or nothing”, has been able to truly live up to its potential,  and today, it is the biggest seller of premium cars worldwide. Although Mercedes Benz’s success is not recent, they have been creating excellent cars for more than 8 decades – being a sign of prestige and wealth back in 1930s Germany.  That is why, even now, A lot of businessmen and politicians want to get their hands on a piece of history and enjoy the prestige and cachet that comes with owning a classic car.

Sadly, as with all things, time and use have slowly made these classic cars deteriorate and lose their exquisite and unique beauty. A lot of them have faded paint, a clunky engine, and an unsightly interior. In these cases, you need a team of classic Mercedes specialists who can provide a service that will be able to turn back time and restore the car to its vintage form.

This article will teach you about the classic Mercedes restoration and how DoctorClassic makes sure your car gets the best service out there. 

What Exactly is Restoration?

Restoration refers to the process of completely overhauling and fixing vehicles to restore them to their original factory condition. It is an increasingly popular service aimed at classic car owners who want to fix their priced cars without defacing the car with unoriginal parts reducing the cars’ historic value.

This is even more prescient pertinent for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as each car is made with a lot of care, expertise, and has its own unique story. Replacing and fixing the car with generic parts and subpar paint is an affront to Mercedes’ work. Not to mention the fact that your car will lose a lot of its value on the market, and in fact, a restoration might actually save you money in the long haul. 

Restored Mercedes - seen from the front
Classic Mercedes from the side

What Makes Restorations Different from Regular Repair Jobs?​

There are a few things that make restorations different from typical repair jobs done by repair auto shops, and you need to learn about them to ensure your Mercedes-Benz gets the best treatment: 

  • Faithful to the original workmanship and blueprint: the purpose of a restoration is not only to get the car back up and running, but it is to ensure it retains all of its historic value and doesn’t become just another generic good looking car. Most classic Mercedes-Benz owners want to retain the car’s authenticity and originality, and even on the market, they sell for more.  That’s why if you want an excellent Mercedes classic restoration, this is one of the best services out there. 
  • A complete overhaul: a complete Mercedes restoration process involves a complete overhaul of the car – it involves disassembling the Mercedes, sandblasting it, checking every part of the vehicle for broken or defunct mechanical parts, ordering original parts from the manufacturer, upholstering the interior, repainting every inch of the car with original paint, and much more. In short, every part of the vehicle will be taken care of and the team will ensure you get your hands on a Mercedes in a vintage condition. 
  • Done by specialists: the work that needs to be done on classic vehicles is quite different from the repair jobs on modern vehicles. The auto industry has changed a lot in the past two to four decades: the manufacturing techniques used, the material used, the engines used, etc. – this is especially true for Mercedes-Benz, as it has had a unique history and manufacturing processes. That’s why you a classic Mercedes specialist service that knows the enterics that has gone into building the vehicle and that can deliver a Mercedes restoration job worthy of your car.

Why Should I Trust DoctorClassic with My Mercedes' Restoration?

 If you have a valuable Mercedes-Benz classic, you obviously want the Mercedes’ restoration process to be done by a trustworthy company that provides excellent services and repair jobs. DoctorClassic is exactly that company you’re looking for and there are multiple reasons why you should trust it with your Mercedes’ restoration: 

  • Providing services to clients all over the world: serving high-value clients from Germany, the United Kingdom, USA, China or Australia, the company has been able to expand its operations to countries all over Europe. This is mainly due to years of high-quality restorations amazing every one of the clients. This means you’ll be able to contact the company and ensure your Mercedes, Porsche, or Ferrari classic gets an excellent restoration treatment from all over the world. 
  • A portfolio showing the excellent work of the company restoring numerous cars to vintage condition:  DoctorClassic has a portfolio detailing and displaying their work on classic Mercedes and Porsche models. Detailing every step of the restoration from disassemblement to engine replacement, you’ll be sure their methodological approach provides excellent outcomes. 
  • Years of experience and expertise: as we mentioned, you want a team that has the experience and the expertise required to ensure your Mercedes Benz gets the treatment it deserves. Being one of the only companies that have worked on more than a hundred classic vehicle restoration projects, DoctorClassic is able to provide you with an excellent and peerless Mercedes restoration experience worthy of you and your prestigious automobile.