Porsche car restoration

Porsche is one of the oldest German car manufacturers, and since their early years, they were known for their ingenuity and creativity – one of the less known facts being that it was Porsche who designed the first Volkswagen Beatle (although not manufactured it in its own factory), widely considered one of the most popular vehicle options of all time. Thankfully, that’s not the only brilliant design they’ve come up with, over time, Porsche has released many limited and high-end options that are still very valuable to this day. If you’re one of the lucky owners of one of the classic Porsche cars,  you have something special on your hands. Sadly, most of the Porsche classic options are quite old and need to be restored to look as good as possible and achieve their full potential. This article will familiarize you with DoctorClassic’s restoration services that will allow you to restore your Porsche not only to a working condition but even to Concours conditions. 

Restored classic Porsche

What Do You Mean by Car Restoration?

A recent survey polling 500 hundred New York households that make more than 200K a year and have a net worth of more than 700K learned that the most prestigious brand is Porsche, and this is likely true across most countries.  There are a lot of things that make Porsche cars prestigious – the fact they are limited, their superior custom workmanship, their unique engines, the high-quality factory designs, and the number of options, etc. Just the fact the cars have a Porsche logo isn’t the only thing that makes them prestigious, but it is all aspects of the vehicle combined. That’s why a lot, if not most, of the car owners don’t take their vehicles to common auto repair shops. Because these types of repair shops usually don’t care about the original craftsmanship and parts, and they will take the shortest and cheapest path to get your car up and running again. But as an owner of a classic Porsche, you don’t want that – you want custom services that recognize the immense value of your classic car and do everything to ensure it retains its historical and prestigious value – car restoration services do exactly that. They not only make sure to restore your car to full functionality and make it look better than ever, but they also take special care to ensure the parts they use are original and they remain faithful to the original factory workmanship. You’ll have your car restored to full working condition without it losing its historical appeal. 

What are the Different Types of Restorations?

There are multiple types of restoration appropriate and designed for different purposes and options. We’ll go through the most common ones so you know which is best for you. 

Driving Condition Restoration

This is the most basic level of restoration. This custom service aims to do all that’s necessary to get your vehicle back on the road and nothing further. It usually includes fixing/replacing the innards of your vehicle without really changing/fixing a substantial part of the exterior.  This service is for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money and simply want to get their cars up and running again. This service is one of the recommended options for people who have a single generic-model car. If you have one of the more prestigious and rarer Porsche models, however, you should get a full restoration and restore the full value of your car. 

Restored engine of a classic Porsche car

Full Restoration

As its name suggests, a full restoration involves completely revamping and rebuilding your car. It includes making sure your car has an engine that functions at 100%, it has a uniform and original painting with no fading or scratches, the interior is clean, spotless, and doesn’t show signs of years of wear and tear. In short, you can expect every part of your car to be taken care of and restored.

This service is one of the really useful options for a plethora of different kinds of people. Did your dad leave you a classic car but years of use have left a lot of marks on it, you can completely restore it and start driving it around with a full restoration. Did you just get your hand on an out-of-commission rare classic Porsche but you don’t know where to start with fixing it, a full restoration will make it appear like new. If you are a businessman or a politician who goes to a lot of high-status meetings and needs to impress, owning a spotless glamorous classic car will go a long way to spark conversation and impress the people you meet.

These are just a few examples of scenarios where a full restoration will be the best choice, but the service has limitless potential. When in doubt, you should go with this.


While classic cars are valuable and look amazing, sadly, for anyone who has driven one, they don’t provide the best driving experience. Car manufacturing has advanced in the last few decades, and cars today are smoother to drive, safer, easier to handle, and more comfortable.

The custom Restomod service involves not only restoring the car aesthetically but ensuring the car has a modern engine, modern cushion, modern safety equipment, etc. This means you can get the best of both worlds – getting a genuine classic vehicle but with all of the conveniences and options of modern car manufacturing. This type of service is becoming one of the more popular options as the difference between modern and classic cars widens with each passing year. Of course, this doesn’t mean this service is for everyone.

Some people feel like they don’t get the full authentic experience unless your Porsche truly drives and feels like a classic car. Others might just enjoy how clunky and tough to handle are old cars. But if you’re one of those who love how classic Porsche looks but hate how it drives, this is an excellent service for you. 

What Makes DoctorClassic's Porsche Renovation a Great Option?

Now that you’ve learned about all the options you have restoring your Porsche classic, here are all the things that make DoctorClassic’s restoration services a cut above the competition: 

Original Parts from the Car Manufacturer

DoctorClassic prides itself on ensuring they can completely restore classic cars using original parts from the car manufacturer. If you’re going to bring your car in, you can be sure the parts that will be installed are all high-quality original options. Installing a different manufacturer’s engine on your car might very well work, but when it comes to classic cars, this reduces their value a lot. Your car’s value is in the fact it is faithful to the original blueprint, and DoctorClassic gives you options of ensuring it remains so even after restoring it. 

A Methodological Approach to Restoring Your Porsche

DoctorClassic has a detailed and methodological approach to restoring your Porsche – having come up with a detailed set of steps (with many options for the differing requirements of the clients) that they follow faithfully, the company ensures that your car will be treated with the utmost care:

  • The initial stages: Porsche classic cars, although excellently built, will likely be rather fragile after all these years, and that’s why it is important to prepare them for the process before beginning work on them. Our custom initial stages include carefully dismantling the Porsche, sandblasting, and checking up on all the mechanical parts. 
  • Restoring your car: next, we’ll take care of each part of the car step by step until your Porsche classic is fully restored and looks excellent. The team starts with working on the sheet metal and ensures the exterior of your car looks excellent, then they move on to applying anti-corrosion measures, rejuvenating galvanic coatings, and painting the car. This is not to mention the testing and the replacement of all the defunct and broken car’s mechanical parts with original parts from the manufacturer.  
  • Adding the final touches and delivery: after ensuring all the major parts of your car is restored, it is time to add the final touches, ensuring that every part of your car looks excellent, and, finally, fulfilling the delivery. Looking at the restoration projects DoctorClassic’s portfolio, you know getting your Porsche rebuild and restored with the team will be one of the best options.

Years of Experience and a Large Professional Team

DoctorClassic has years of experience working on about a hundred projects restoring high-value classic Porsche, Ferrari, and Mercedes cars – the team, consisting of about 40 people, has a lot of experience working on various classic models: each with different requirements and an approach tailored specifically to the owner’s needs. With all the custom options and services DoctorClassic provides, you can be sure you can trust them with your car and expect an excellent delivery.